Flexible metal hoses

High-performance stainless flexible metal hoses for extreme conditions

Crafted from premium AISI 316L stainless steel and reinforced with AISI 304 stainless steel braiding, our flexible metal hoses are designed to excel in transporting both liquid and gaseous media. Engineered for unparalleled temperature and pressure resistance, these hoses are particularly well-suited for handling ash, hot powders, and granules.

When conditions exceed the limitations of plastic, rubber, or silicone hoses, our stainless steel hoses become the go-to solution for industries including medical devices, engineering, chemical, oil, automotive, and alternative energy.

Built to withstand extreme temperatures, ranging up to +700°C, our hoses come equipped with fittings and undergo comprehensive pressure testing to assure consistent and reliable performance. Additional documentation is available upon request. We offer both unbraided and double-braided configurations, providing the flexibility to meet diverse industrial needs.


Products of Flexible metal hoses

Izoflex taurus stainless steel hose
TAURUS Metal hose
AISI 304
Izoflex taurus pxpm stainless steel hose
TAURUS PXPM Metal hose
AISI 304

Related Services

Fitted hose manufacturing

Adhering to your unique specifications, we meticulously craft hoses to your requested length, augmented with compatible fittings.

Pressure testing hoses

Prior to dispatch, each assembled hose undergoes a rigorous pressure test at 1.5 times the expected system operating pressure.

Hose labeling

For enhanced traceability and documentation, we offer personalized hose marking upon request.

Expert consultation

Leverage our vast expertise to identify the optimal hose tailored to your unique requirements and conditions.

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