Food Industry

Food Industry

Elevating safety standards the in food industry

Ensuring safe and compliant transport of food products involves intricate engineering and the use of high-caliber hoses. Adherence to stringent EU and FDA guidelines is not optional but mandatory in this sector. For informed hose selection tailored to meet these rigorous standards, consult our team of experts for specialized guidance.

Material quality for diverse applications

Within the food industry, each application sets distinct requirements for hose material and construction. Our portfolio ranges from simple PVC hoses to highly durable Teflon variants. In addition to material integrity, the hose design, flexibility, and weight are pivotal factors that should be considered when making an optimal selection.

Premium connection solutions

In the highly-regulated food industry, the quality of fittings is paramount. Our specially-designed swage sleeves eliminate areas where bacteria can easily accumulate, offering a more hygienic connection point and greatly reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

Optimized for hygienic excellence

Meeting stringent hygiene standards requires meticulous attention to hose design, as well as a committed schedule for routine inspections, maintenance, and sterilization. Our Teflon hoses feature a slick, non-adherent surface for effortless cleaning. For sterilization applications, hoses with an inner layer of butyl are highly recommended, given their superior thermal resilience.


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