Industrial hoses

Industrial hoses

Versatile industrial hoses for specialized applications

From agriculture and construction to the oil, chemical, and food industries, our hoses serve a multitude of sectors with varying needs. Our portfolio encompasses hoses crafted from rubber, silicone, PTFE (Teflon), plastic, composite materials, and stainless steel, all engineered to withstand pressure and/or vacuum conditions.

Discover hoses within our range that offer high-temperature resilience, exceptional abrasion resistance, unparalleled chemical compatibility, and stringent purity standards.

How to choose a hose?

Evaluate both the inner and outer diameters. Remember to account for the overall length, inclusive of fittings.
Factor in the temperature of the medium being transported, ambient conditions, and any cleaning processes.
Understand the hose's intended environment, potential stressors, and primary function.
Align the hose material with the physical and chemical attributes of the medium it will carry.
Determine the system's maximum operational pressure or vacuum levels for optimal compatibility.
Opt for the most suitable fitting and assembly method based on the hose type and its function.
Our offerings include pressure testing, documentation, bespoke labeling, and delivery options.

Related Services

Fitted hose manufacturing

Adhering to your unique specifications, we meticulously craft hoses to your requested length, augmented with compatible fittings.

Pressure testing hoses

Prior to dispatch, each assembled hose undergoes a rigorous pressure test at 1.5 times the expected system operating pressure.

Hose labeling

For enhanced traceability and documentation, we offer personalized hose marking upon request.

Expert consultation

Leverage our vast expertise to identify the optimal hose tailored to your unique requirements and conditions.