Oil and Petrochemicals

Oil and Petrochemicals

Specialty hoses for oil operations

Within the oil industry, the primary demand is for hoses adept at transporting liquid hydrocarbons. Our hoses adhere to EU directives, including EN 1762 for gas transport and EN 12115 for use in high-risk environments. Prioritizing safety, we exclusively recommend flanged fittings over simple threaded ones, and we provide tailored solutions for tanker vehicles.

Oil and petrochemical fluids transport

For long-lasting durability against oils and petrochemicals, we advocate for hoses exclusively engineered with oil-resistant materials. Our top recommendation is nitrile-reinforced rubber hoses, recognized for their outstanding resistance to oils and fuels.

Leak-free connections

In the oil and petrochemical industries, the right fittings are not just beneficial; they’re essential. They ensure secure and leak-free transport of volatile and hazardous materials, elevating the integrity of your hose systems.

Adherence to rigorous standards

We are committed to delivering products that not only meet but also exceed the stringent regulations set forth by the EU and NATO, including but not limited to EN 1762, EN 12115, STANAG 3756, and MIL-C-27487.


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