Durable agricultural hoses

Our hoses cater to a wide array of agricultural needs, from robust water conveyance to chemical resistance. Engineered for durability, they withstand friction, UV, and other environmental exposures. Furthermore, their internal lining is designed for optimal abrasion resistance, crucial for handling materials like grain or liquid manure.

Transporting abrasive materials

In agricultural, the ongoing presence of abrasive materials such as liquid manure or grain necessitates the use of robust, abrasion-resistant hoses and fittings designed for enduring performance.

Irrigation and water transport

For both irrigation and water transport applications, our hoses are indispensable. Optimally designed for tank truck pumping or integrated sprinkler systems, they come equipped with the appropriate high-quality fittings.

Resilience to sprays and chemicals

For spraying applications, a paramount feature for hoses is superior chemical resistance. Teflon-lined hoses stand out in this regard, offering unparalleled resistance combined with effortless cleaning.


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