Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Optimizing construction efficiency with high-quality hoses

In the construction sector, hoses are indispensable tools, handling essential tasks from water conveyance to air supply and concrete distribution. The quality of these hoses is paramount; a malfunction at an inopportune moment could precipitate substantial project setbacks. Further emphasizing their importance, hoses are integral to pumping activities, making both water hoses and high-pressure compressor hoses vital components in ensuring a project’s smooth execution.

Engineered for effective water management

Water is a critical resource in construction, and it is best managed using hoses specifically designed for pumping applications. To endure the rigorous and abrasive environments typical of construction sites, these hoses come with robust external reinforcements. For projects where portability is a key consideration, we recommend our flat-coiling hoses designed for easy transport and deployment.

Concrete applications

In the construction sector, abrasion-resistant hoses play a critical role, particularly in the handling of concrete, gravel, and other abrasive materials. For concrete mixer trucks, these hoses come as an integral component, while for concrete pumps, they are separate, yet equally essential, attachments. Designed to withstand high pressure and wear, these hoses ensure durable and efficient operation.

Robust fittings for high-resistance hoses

When utilizing hoses designed for maximum resilience, it is crucial to pair them with fittings engineered for equivalent durability. For stable, long-term installations, we recommend our flanged coupling solutions. For situations requiring rapid connection and disconnection, our industry-standard tank truck couplings and camlock fittings offer proven reliability.


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