Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Optimized hoses for pharmaceutical use: exceptional compliance and safety

Within the pharmaceutical industry, our hoses are designed to meet rigorous regulatory standards comparable to those in the food and chemical sectors. Engineered for durability, they consistently resist aggressive chemical agents, ensuring reliability during continual use. Importantly, our hoses feature minimal permeability and absorption rates, significantly reducing associated safety risks.

Sterile and ultra-pure hoses for pharmaceutical processes

To meet the stringent demands of pharmaceutical manufacturing, we provide hoses crafted from high-purity Teflon and silicone, complemented by meticulously designed fittings. These essential components are foundational to ensuring unblemished and efficient drug production workflows.

Resilience against chemicals and material transport

In the specialized environment of the pharmaceutical industry, it is imperative that hoses exhibit unparalleled durability. Critical attributes include a seamlessly smooth interior structure for optimal fluid dynamics, a high resistance to aggressive chemicals, and robust wear-resistance for handling powders.

Regulatory compliance

In the pharmaceutical industry, compliance with rigorous international standards such as those established by the EU, FDA, and USP isn’t just an option—it’s a requirement. To substantiate the quality and integrity of our hose systems, we furnish comprehensive technical documentation that demonstrates full compliance with these pivotal benchmarks.


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