Extensive selection of industrial hoses, fittings, and additional assemblies

In step with advancements in hose technology, we provide versatile solutions for an array of applications. Whether you’re transporting liquids, gases, powders, or granules, our extensive hose inventory serves as a flexible alternative to traditional fixed pipelines. Our product offerings span from plastic composites and rubber to silicone, PTFE, and metal, all augmented by tailor-made fittings and assemblies to meet your industry-specific requirements.

Already have specific needs in mind? Browse our products by material, application, or type. If you’re still in the exploratory phase, rely on our seasoned expertise. We’ll assess your needs and direct you to the optimal hose and fitting combination, with custom assembly options available.


Industrial hoses

Explore our comprehensive selection of hoses, sortable by material, medium conveyed, or specific application.


Our inventory includes a diverse array of hose fittings, crafted from various material grades to ensure the optimal solution for the task at hand.

How to choose a hose?

Evaluate both the inner and outer diameters. Remember to account for the overall length, inclusive of fittings.
Factor in the temperature of the medium being transported, ambient conditions, and any cleaning processes.
Understand the hose's intended environment, potential stressors, and primary function.
Align the hose material with the physical and chemical attributes of the medium it will carry.
Determine the system's maximum operational pressure or vacuum levels for optimal compatibility.
Opt for the most suitable fitting and assembly method based on the hose type and its function.
Our offerings include pressure testing, documentation, bespoke labeling, and delivery options.


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