Fields of application

Fields of application

From handling abrasive solids to high-pressure air conveyance

Our company specializes in providing custom-engineered hoses for a diverse array of industrial applications. We offer solutions including agriculture, oil and petrochemicals, chemicals, food processing, construction, and pharmaceuticals ensuring each product is finely tuned to the demands of the specific application at hand.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-caliber hoses capable of transporting abrasive materials, diverse liquids, or high-pressure air. Material quality and design intricacy are paramount factors in product selection, emphasizing the importance of specialized expertise to determine the ideal solution for your unique requirements.


We provide specialized, chemical-resistant hoses designed for tasks ranging from abrasive material handling to irrigation, water pumping, and spray applications.

Oil and Petrochemicals

Our offerings include hoses and fittings that are manufactured to meet stringent industry standards, tailored to serve the unique needs of the oil and petrochemical sectors.

Chemical Industry

For chemical environments, we offer products engineered for high levels of chemical resistance and designed to perform und​​er extreme conditions.

Food Industry

For the food sector, our hoses and fittings are crafted in compliance with hygiene standards, ensuring utmost safety and quality.

Construction Industry

Alongside water pump hoses we offer abrasion-resistant hoses complemented by robust fittings, engineered for durability, a key requirement in the handling of abrasive materials.

Pharmaceutical Industry

We provide high-purity Teflon and silicone hoses that meet rigorous standards, including those set by the EU, FDA, and USP, ensuring compliance and quality.


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