Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

Hose solutions for high-stakes chemical environments

The chemical sector demands hoses engineered for extreme conditions and hazardous substances. Our process begins with meticulous material research, ensuring we deliver hoses with unparalleled chemical resistance. The choice of fittings, whether plastic or metal, is also critically designed to meet specialized needs. In unique situations, we can offer bespoke solutions, including specialized heated hoses.

Unparalleled chemical resistance

In the chemical sector, enduring resistance to aggressive substances is paramount. Our hoses are engineered with specialized linings and fittings designed for long-term resilience, ensuring the integrity of your chemical processes.

Chemical-resistant, leak-free fittings

The selection of appropriate fittings is crucial in ensuring safe and efficient chemical transport. Suitable materials range from specialized plastics like PVC and polypropylene to metals including copper, aluminum, and an array of stainless or alloy steels.

Teflon: the go-to solution for chemical resistance

For scenarios where a hose may be exposed to a variety of chemicals, a Teflon lining offers unparalleled protection, resisting an impressive 99.99% of chemical substances. In highly specialized applications, the Teflon inner layer extends seamlessly over the fittings, eliminating any contact between the conveyed materials and the connecting hardware.


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