Precision-crafted industrial hose fittings

Our selection of industrial hose fittings ensures effortless, reliable connections. Sourced from leading manufacturers, these fittings are available in materials like steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, and polypropylene, meeting diverse industry standards. Whether you need custom designs or specific materials, we equip hoses with the ideal fitting to meet your requirements. For specialized fitting needs, consult our expert team.

Related services

Fitted hose manufacturing

Adhering to your unique specifications, we meticulously craft hoses to your requested length, augmented with compatible fittings.

Pressure testing hoses

Prior to dispatch, each assembled hose undergoes a rigorous pressure test at 1.5 times the expected system operating pressure.

Expert consultation

Leverage our vast expertise to identify the optimal hose tailored to your unique requirements and conditions.


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