PTFE hoses

Low-friction and non-stick teflon hoses

Extruded PTFE, also known as Teflon hoses, have a non-stick surface and a low friction coefficient. Thanks to their oil and water repellent properties, Teflon hoses are easier and more thorough to clean.

Teflon hoses are widely used in many industries due to their excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance. Thanks to the fabric covering, PTFE hoses can withstand higher pressures.

By passing the PTFE tube wall through the coupling and out onto the sealing surface, a perfectly clean and chemical resistant flow is obtained, protecting the couplings from aggressive media.

Also available in food and pharmaceutical (FDA, USP) compliant versions.

Convoluted bore PTFE hoses

Convoluted PTFE hoses offer high flexibility with a low friction coefficient, suitable for transporting materials of varying viscosities, even at extreme temperatures. Durable and safe for use in food, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries, enduring high vibration and bending.

Smooth bore PTFE hoses

Smooth bore PTFE hose with stainless steel outer braid is ideal for conveying gases, steam, and corrosive fluids. Widely used in automotive and general applications for its excellent temperature and chemical resistance, as well as self-cleaning properties.

Related Services

Fitted hose manufacturing

Adhering to your unique specifications, we meticulously craft hoses to your requested length, augmented with compatible fittings.

Pressure testing hoses

Prior to dispatch, each assembled hose undergoes a rigorous pressure test at 1.5 times the expected system operating pressure.

Hose labeling

For enhanced traceability and documentation, we offer personalized hose marking upon request.

Expert consultation

Leverage our vast expertise to identify the optimal hose tailored to your unique requirements and conditions.

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