The presence of steel spirals in the wall of some rubber hoses serves as a reinforcement mechanism to enhance the strength and structural integrity of the hose. These steel spirals, also known as wire reinforcements, are extremely durable and flexible, ensuring the long lifespan and optimal functioning of the rubber hoses.

Steel spiral in the wall of rubber hose

By using steel spirals, the rubber hoses can reliably withstand high pressure, loads, and environmental factors, thus ensuring efficient fluid or gas delivery.

4 main advantages of steel spiral hoses

Vacuum resistance

The steel spirals allow the rubber hose to resist negative pressure or vacuum. They prevent the hose from collapsing under suction, ensuring efficient fluid or gas transfer even in applications where vacuum is involved.


Despite the addition of steel spirals, rubber hoses can retain a certain level of flexibility, allowing for easier installation and maneuverability. The steel spiral reinforcement is designed to provide strength while still allowing the hose to bend and flex to a certain extent.

Breakage resistance

The steel spirals provide protection against external crushing forces. They help safeguard the hose from being flattened or damaged when subjected to heavy loads or accidental impact, thus preserving the integrity of the hose.

Long lifespan and durability

Steel spirals enhance the overall durability and lifespan of the hose. They improve resistance to external damage, ensuring that the hose can withstand challenging operating conditions and maintain its performance over an extended period.

It’s important to note that not all rubber hoses have steel spirals in their walls. The presence of spiral reinforcement depends on the specific application.

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