Tank truck discharge hoses a re specially designed hoses used for the transfer of various liquids or bulk materials from tank trucks or trailers to storage tanks or process equipment. These hoses are typically used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, and agriculture.

Izoflex what do you need to know about tank truck discharge hoses

Tank truck discharge hoses are designed to handle a wide range of substances, including petroleum products, chemicals, acids, solvents, dry bulk materials, and food products. They are constructed to withstand the specific properties and demands of the materials being transferred, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

What are the characteristics of discharge hoses?


Tank truck discharge hoses are manufactured using materials that are compatible with the specific substance being transferred. This ensures that the hose can handle the chemical properties and maintain product integrity.


They are constructed with multiple layers to provide durability, flexibility, and resistance to abrasion. The innermost layer is often made of rubber or thermoplastic material that is compatible with the substance being transferred. This layer may be reinforced with textile or metal braids or helical wires to enhance strength and prevent collapse under vacuum conditions.

Fittings and Connections

Tank truck discharge hoses are equipped with various fittings and couplings to facilitate secure connections to the truck or trailer and the receiving equipment. Common fittings include cam and groove couplings, Storz couplings, flanges, or threaded connections.

Size and Length

These hoses are available in different sizes and lengths to accommodate various transfer requirements. The size and length of the hose depend on factors such as the volume of the material to be transferred and the distance between the truck and the storage or processing equipment.

Standards and Certifications

Tank truck discharge hoses may have to comply with industry standards and certifications, ensuring they meet specific quality and safety requirements. Such standards are formulated, for example, by the ISO and EN standard-setting organizations, or other industry-specific certifiers.

Tank truck discharge hoses from IZOFLEX

In order to ensure flawless operation, it is essential that you choose the right tanker discharge hose for the given application. Factors such as the type of material being transferred, temperature, pressure and applicable regulatory requirements should definitely be considered. If you are unsure which hose or hose connector is ideal for your industrial activity, consult the IZOFLEX technical team, who are ready to help you, in order to select the right product and ensure safe operation.