What are the advantages of stripwound and corrugated metal hoses?

Based on their manufacturing technology, flexible metal hoses are classified into two main groups: stripwound metal hoses and corrugated metal hoses. Both types are particularly resistant, offering numerous advantages in various applications, and are capable of meeting even the toughest challenges.

Suitable for extreme temperatures

Flexible metal hoses are characterized by high heat resistance. Some variants can be used from -270°C and are generally suitable for conveying materials up to +700°C. They can be integrated into systems where handling hot liquids, gases, or steam is required. Examples include hydraulic and fuel systems, as well as exhaust gas ventilation. They can withstand extreme temperature changes without compromising their structural integrity.

Flexible and durable under high pressure

Flexible metal hoses, especially corrugated metal hoses, are capable of withstanding high pressure, making them suitable for applications where the transfer of pressurized fluids or gases is required. They provide a reliable and durable solution for systems operating under high-pressure conditions.

However, they also offer the flexibility and bendability expected from hoses. In particular, stripwound metal hoses are extremely flexible, allowing for easy installation and adapting to movements and vibrations within the system. They can be bent and coiled without causing damage or restricting the flow of the conveyed material, making them suitable for applications that require flexibility and vibration resistance.

Resistant to corrosive and abrasive materials

Both stripwound and corrugated metal hoses are typically made from AISI 316, 316L (EN 1.4404), or higher-grade stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant alloys. This ensures excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance. These properties allow for the transmission of acids and other corrosive liquids or operation in environments exposed to chemicals or corrosion-related effects.

In addition, the high-quality materials used in flexible metal hoses provide long service life and durability. They withstand wear, friction, and fatigue, ensuring consistently high performance even in demanding environments. Their robust structure enables them to withstand harsh conditions and mechanical stresses.

Izoflex, the expert in metal hoses

Different types of flexible metal hoses can be ordered in the appropriate length and diameter for the specific application, and hose connectors are always tailored to the application in question. They can be customized according to specific needs, ensuring compatibility with different systems and equipment.

Flexible metal hoses find wide applications in the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, energy generation, aircraft manufacturing, automotive industry, and many other fields where a unique combination of temperature resistance, pressure resistance, flexibility, and durability is required.

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