The application of UHMWPE hose (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) is advantageous in numerous industrial areas. It is often used as a hose in the food industry, but due to its resistance, it is also suitable for the conveyance of chemicals. We have collected the most well-known specifications of the product, for which it is worth opting for.


Advantages of UHMWPE hoses

High chemical resistance

The hose is known for its exceptional chemical resistance. It withstands a wide range of aggressive chemical substances, including acids, alkalis, solvents, as well as numerous organic and inorganic materials. It ensures the reliable and safe handling of corrosive liquids without the risk of quality degradation or contamination.

Seamless flow

It features a smooth and low-friction surface, which reduces frictional resistance and minimizes the risk of material deposits or clogging inside the hose. This smooth surface helps maintain the flow rate and efficiency of the conveyed fluid.

Excellent abrasion resistance

The material of the hose is extremely resistant, making it suitable for conveying abrasive materials as well. The UHMWPE inner layer helps extend the lifespan of the hose, allowing it to maintain its integrity even under harsh conditions.

High temperature resistance

They are capable of withstanding a quite wide temperature range, typically between -40°C and +80°C, making them suitable for the conveyance of both hot and cold liquids.


Despite its high molecular weight, UHMWPE hose is extremely flexible, allowing for easy bending. This reduces the risk of creasing or damage during installation or use.

Low maintenance requirement

Thanks to their resistance to contaminants, ease of cleaning, and long lifespan, they require minimal maintenance. This helps to reduce downtime and maintenance costs associated with hose replacement or cleaning.

How can they be applied in the food industry?

One of their major advantages is that they do not contaminate the material being conveyed during use, thereby making them permissible for food and beverage industry applications. These hoses are typically used in dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic sectors, where maintaining the purity of the product and adhering to hygienic standards is of paramount importance.

Quality UHMWPE Hoses from IZOFLEX

It is important to note that these hoses may not necessarily be suitable for certain applications, such as those requiring extremely high temperatures or pressures. If you are uncertain whether the hose is an ideal solution for a specific area, please contact the IZOFLEX expert team for specifications and chemical compatibility information.