PTFE or teflon hoses are becoming more and more widespread in both the pharmaceutical and food industries due to their beneficial properties. Hoses of this type can serve well for years, even in aggressive, chemical environments, so they can be found on more and more production lines.

PTFE hoses from IZOFLEX

What are the characteristics of PTFE hoses?

It is good to know the properties of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) hoses, because they can be an excellent solution in many industries.

High chemical resistance

Teflon hoses are highly resistant to many compounds, including acids, alkalis, solvents and corrosives. This allows the use of PTFE hoses for conveying aggressive materials.

Heat resistance

PTFE hoses can withstand extreme temperatures, both high and low. They have excellent thermal stability, which allows them to maintain their physical properties and performance even in harsh environments.


PTFE is a non-stick material, which means it has a very low coefficient of friction. This property makes Teflon hoses ideal for applications where sticky materials are transported, such as in the food processing industry. Another advantage of non-stick is that the hose is easy to clean.


PTFE hoses provide excellent flexibility and are easily bent, making them easy to fit and place in complex configurations. This flexibility allows for easier installation, reduces the need for additional adapters, and allows them to be used in tight spaces or hard-to-reach applications.

Electrical insulation

It is also an important aspect that PTFE is an electrical insulating material, which contributes to the fact that Teflon hoses can be used in areas where electrical insulation is required. It is often used in the electronics and electrical industries, especially for the transfer of high purity chemicals and gases.

Low friction

PTFE hoses have a smooth inner surface, thereby resulting in minimal friction during fluid flow. This feature enables efficient and undisturbed flow, reducing pressure drop and optimizing system performance.

Long life and durability

Hoses of this type have a long service life due to their resistance to chemical degradation, high temperature stability and excellent mechanical properties. They withstand repeated use, harsh conditions and exposure to various elements without significant wear or deterioration.

Based on these properties, PTFE hoses are widely used in chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, automotive and many other areas where reliable and efficient transfer of liquids or gases is critical.

Teflon hoses from IZOFLEX

In our selection, PTFE hoses are available in many combinations, depending on the requirements to be met in the given industry. Hoses with internal and external PTFE coating are available, as well as combinations with other materials. If you are not sure which Teflon hose is the best fit for your production activity, ask for the help of our technical team, who will support your decision-making with advice.